Smudge- Sage

Smudge- Sage

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4 oz. Sage

-removes bacteria from air
-repels insects
-improves intuition
-can purify specific objects
-improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety

Sage removes.

UPDATE: As of 8/6/21

ALL LOCAL ORDERS will be delivered on Sundays only. If your order includes Sea Moss or Juice please make sure to place your order by Thursday 3pm to receive your order in 3 days.

If you are NOT LOCAL and your shipment includes juice your entire order will be shipped on the Monday following your order date. Please try to place your juice order by Thursday 3pm to have it shipped 4 days after your order date.

All other orders will ship as usual.

Once HHH starts attending local farmers markets the local delivery option will end. At that time all orders for market pick up will need to be placed by Tuesday 3pm with payments made at the time of order (not pickup).

New scheduling requires the above adjustments. This update will allow HHH to operate efficiently during this time and going forward. Thank you for continued support and understanding.